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The Helena Adventure Company exists to let the world know about the incredible outdoor opportunities that exist in Helena, Arkansas and the Arkansas Delta on the Mississippi River. Helena, perched on the geographic anomaly of Crowley's Ridge, offers every type of outdoor adventure from hiking, boating and swimming to music festivals and amazing food. You're not going to get what we have anywhere else in the world, guaranteed. Join us and experience this place for yourself. Continue on below for the list!

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Helena, Arkansas Adventure List
(sacred indeed)


Active Tours - Delta Heritage Tours

Mississippi Canoeing – Quapaw Canoe Company

Hunting - Big Slash Ducks and Bucks

Hunting - Ducks n Dogs

Hunting - Richmond Guiding


DIY - On The Water

Boat ramp for the MS River - Helena River Park

Canoe, kayak, fishing @ Bear Creek Lake at MS. River State Park

Canoe, kayak and paddle boat rental

Swim - Bear Creek Lake at MS. River State Park

Swim - Mississippi River, Friar’s Point, MS. - “The Baptism”

Swim - Storm Creek Lake


DIY - Bike, Hike, Run, Walk

Bike - Delta Heritage Trail - Gravel Trail

Bike - Delta Heritage Trail Brochure!userfiles/pdfs/Delta%20Heritage_2015_web.pdf

Bike - Low Road to Hornor’s Neck Lake

Bike - Tour Da Delta Race/Tour

Hike - Low Road to Hornor’s Neck Lake

Hike - Walk at the Helena River Park

Run / Walk - King Biscuit Run - 5k

Walk - Historic Helena Levee Walk

Walk - Historic Helena Walk/Run - 4 Mile


DIY - ATV Park


DIY - Fishing and Hunting

Old Town lake

Old Town lake - Map

MS. River

General - AGFC

General - AGFC

General - AGFC

General - Nearby Lakes and Rivers

General - Nearby Lakes and Rivers


DIY - Camping

Camping at Bear Creek Lake / Lone Pine Campground at MS. River State Park

MS. River State Park Brochure!userfiles/pdfs/MS%20River%20SP%20PIB_2017_website.pdf

Camping at Storm Creek

DIY - Birding & Wildlife watching

Delta Heritage State Park!userfiles/pdfs/DHT%20Broch%20%2010_08-4.pdf

Helena River Park




DIY - Country Drive / Motorcycling


National Scenic Byway - Crowley’s Ridge Parkway

Great River Road / “The Low Road” -  Drive Dirt & Gravel Road Through Crowley’s Ridge – St. Francis National Forest

Trip to Elaine

Trip to Friars Point

Need a co-pilot?

Humane Society of The Delta - Dogs need to be walked or...adventured??????


DIY - Music Festivals

Delta Family Gospel Festival

King Biscuit Blues Festival

Legendary Blues Festival

Juke Joint Festival-Clarksdale

Warfield Concerts - Free




DIY - Civil War Helena Outdoor Sites


DIY - Kid Stuff

For the Kids - Freeman Playground

803 Beech St., Helena, Arkansas 72342

Where to Eat and Stay


Air BnB


Driving through The Delta

Helena Arkansas Visitors Bureau

Helena Things to Do

Phillips County Attractions

Mississippi River Trail


We are the Helena, Arkansas based community development non-profit, Thrive. We use design (all kinds) to team up and help communities improve. To learn more about us visit us here: Thrive.



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We knew when we created our list we'd get feedback ;) That's why we want this list to be something you contribute to as well! Send us edits and ideas for new adventures at Do us a favor and send us a link and a short description to make it easier on us.